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Accept crisis, loss, defeat. Dance in the darkness. Move through it. Open yourself to the new, to the beauty, to the unexpected, to the unthinkable...

Accidentes Gloriosos is a performance project consisting of seven short chapters, seven Accidentes, linked by the theme of death and rebirth.


Each Accidente tells a story in itself, within which doors sometimes open to permit glimpses into other Accidentes.


The staging, which takes a different form for every Accidente, actively involves the audience and moves out of theaters to bridges, tubes, minivan, cars, workshops, parks, forests.


Alongside the actors, we find dancers, photographers, musicians, pilots, divers, donkeys, goats.


Accidentes Gloriosos was a finalist for the December 2012 Premio alle arti sceniche "Dante Cappelletti", earning a special mention: "In Giulio Stasi’s Accidentes Gloriosos project, the drama by Mauro Andrizzi and Marcus Lindeen is transformed into the implementation of an episodic device which goes beyond the usual narrative and spatial barriers, and at the same time offers ways of relating closely with the audience members without giving up control of the scene.".


The complete project has been the opening 2016/17 season show at National Theatre "Teatro di Roma - Teatro India": all the seven Accidentes have been performed every day, from 2 to 7 September 2016, between 7pm to midnight. Single Accidentes have been presented at the following festivals: 2012 Short Theatre, 2013 Teatri di Vetro, 2013 Attraversamenti Multipli, 2013 Trasparenze, 2013 and 2014 Hangartfest, 2014 Festival Spettacolo Aperto Pergine, 2014 Festival e Residenza Verdecoprente, Museo MACRO Rome 2015 and in other places.


Based on the same script, the movie Accidentes Gloriosos, directed by the authors, won the Premio Orizzonti at the 2011 Venice Film Festival.


The staging and direction of each chapter can be adapted to specific locations, and each chapter can be performed in Italian, English, Spanish and French. Performances last from 9 to 90 minutes..


Accidentes Gloriosos is a Rosabella TEATRO production,



Accidentes Gloriosos comes from the reading of the script by Mauro Andrizzi and Marcus Lindeen. Seven small gems in which I found love, bravery, light. I tried to build an embedding around these gems, different in every tale, to allow the words to shine and the audience to wear it. Performances enhancing the sense of "here and now" of the representation. Open ended tales which could continue living within the audience, even after the performance.

Giulio Stasi

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